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Diamond Shape Guide

Close up of round cut diamonds displayed against a black background with tweezers lifting one towards the camera

Introduction to Diamond Shapes

Diamonds may naturally be beautiful, but it’s not until they are cut that they become the iconic, luxurious, radiant gemstones we know and love. Gem cutting is an ancient art that has led to myriad stunning shapes, each unique and glamorous. Some are more brilliant and light-reflective than others, while some feature a shape and style that make them distinctive. At Heller Jewelers, we offer plenty of diamonds in all shapes and sizes for you to find your favorite styles.

Close up image of a round cut diamonds displayed against a black background


The round cut diamond is the standard of modern engagement rings. More radiant than any other shape, these gems are technically referred to as the “brilliant cut.” Its brightness results from 58 polished facets cut precisely into the gem, their placement determined through a combination of art and science. Many other gem cuts have evolved to resemble this one in order to evoke some amount of its brilliance.

Round cut diamonds make up over half of all diamond sales. Despite this, they tend to be more expensive than other shapes. This is because they are in higher demand, and more of the stone’s size is sacrificed during manufacturing. Still, round diamonds are an exceptional choice for those who prefer a classic look with peerless brilliance.

A diamond ring with a princess cut center stone laying on top of a thick black wedding band against a tan background


Princess cut diamonds have a distinctive, square shape, which is why their technical title is “square modified brilliant.” These gems are not only bright, but they also have a chic, architectural silhouette. The eccentric and regal gemstone is cut into an inverted pyramid. They also exhibit a sharp X on the front-facing side. Princess cuts are also less expensive than many other cuts, as they require minimal waste to create.

One downside is that they are in danger of chipping due to the stone’s sharp corners. However, they offer a lot of pros, especially for those who would prefer a unique, unusual, and glamorous engagement ring.

A pair of tweezers holding a cushion cut diamond against a black background


In short, the cushion cut is a square diamond with rounded edges. Some say it resembles a pillow, although it’s significantly less comfortable to lay on. It has a pleasant aesthetic with a radiant, vintage style. Cushion cut stones are the third most popular cut after round and princess.

There are two varieties of cushion cuts: the contemporary modified and the rarer standard. The former more closely resembles the round cut and is much more radiant. Meanwhile, the latter is an antique cut with broader facets. It is extremely rare and makes up less than 1% of the total diamond supply. Both are exceptional options for one who prefers an attractive, romantic diamond center stone.

A silver engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond center stones, a halo, and side stones, lying on a pink cloth


Named after the titular gemstone, the emerald cut has a distinctive look. This rectangular stone has long sides and parallel facets. Their specific shape allows them to exhibit a dazzling “hall of mirrors” effect that can’t be found elsewhere, allowing the viewer to see into infinity. It also perfectly reveals the jewel’s clarity. This is excellent for high-quality diamonds but not for gems with inclusions or imperfections.

Emerald cut diamonds are uncommon, representing around 3.5% of diamonds. Their ability to show off quality makes them a favorite of celebrities. They’re a superb option for those with a high-end diamond who want to show it off.

A pear shape diamond engagement ring with a halo and side stones against a black stone background

Pear Shape

Sometimes called a “teardrop,” pear shaped diamonds have a broad base and a sharp tip. They offer an elegant and romantic aesthetic, as per their slender and vibrant shape. Pear shaped diamonds are fantastic for someone who wants an engaging center stone. An unusual benefit of pear shaped diamonds is that they make smaller stones appear larger. This is great for bringing out the best in smaller-carat gemstones.

Pear shaped diamonds look wonderful with halos or in solitaire settings. The rare pear three stone is a true show-stopper. For the fashion-forward individual who prefers a ring as unique as they are, pear shape center stones are an excellent choice.

A bride with her hand over her groom’s, wearing a wedding gown and oval cut diamond engagement ring


The oval cut diamond fulfills many niches. While it’s not quite as brilliant as round cut diamonds, the oval’s high surface area makes it uniquely radiant from some angles. Meanwhile, its long and slender sides lend it an air of sophistication and class. Some say it also makes one’s fingers appear longer. These diamonds also evoke a vintage style.

Oval cuts are excellent for those who love the radiance of a round cut diamond but would prefer something more unique and special. A dazzling halo setting is a fantastic way to lend more light to the piece.

A yellow gold ring with a marquise cut center stone and princess cut side stones on a white cloth


The marquise cut is the rarest gem cut. King Louis XIV initially commissioned it to resemble his mistress’ lips. The cut is characterized by two sharp ends and a wider, curved middle. The marquise cut evokes elegance with chic magnitude. Gem cutters have worked hard to ensure the brilliance of this slender cut by precisely cutting its facets, creating a distinctive and mesmerizing diamond.

A favorite among fashion enthusiasts, it makes for a unique and unforgettable center stone. Note that, due to its shape, it can make diamonds appear smaller. This may explain its scarcity.

A hand holding three gold engagement rings, one with baguette side stones, against a red background


Rarely used as a center stone, baguettes are often used in pave and other accent settings. This may be because they fit a ring band perfectly and create a vivid and contemporary radiance. They have a rectangular shape akin to emeralds but have rounded corners like a cushion. One might say it even resembles a French loaf of bread.

Nine diamonds of various cuts arranged in a triangle against a light blue background

Find Diamonds at Heller Jewelers

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