Pearl and Bead Restringing

Unlike precious metal necklaces and bracelets, Pearl and gemstone bead jewelry is strung on silk thread and needs regular maintenance to stay strong and stable. If you wear your pearls often, you should have them restrung annually to prevent accidental breakage and loss. 

Even if you only wear them occasionally, it’s a good idea to have them restrung every two-to-three years, especially when you notice space between the knots that allows the pearls to move freely.

This is a sign that the silk thread is stretching and weakening. You may also want to consider restringing if the knots are beginning to look soiled or frayed. 

Correct pearl and bead stringing in an art form in itself. Pearls should be strung on fine silk cord that is knotted between each pearl. Individual knotting keeps the pearls from rubbing against each other and from scattering should the thread break.

Our experts have years of experience in handling the finest pearls and gemstone beads. Bring your precious pearl and bead jewelry into Heller Jewelers for a free restringing estimate.

Pearl Care Tips:

  • The best way to clean your pearls is with a soft damp cloth, allowing them to air dry.
  • Never use harsh detergents, toothbrushes or rough cloth to clean pearls. They can harm the pearl’s delicate surface.
  • Don’t store your pearls near heaters or where they will be exposed to sunlight. Pearls can become brittle and crack if they become too dry.
  • Pearls are a very soft gem and should be stored separately in soft jewelry pouches to prevent scratching.
  • Chemicals and acids in perfume, cosmetics, skincare products and hair spray can damage your pearls - (wait a few minutes after using any of these products before you put on your pearls)
  • Take your pearls off before swimming or bathing, and always remove a pearl ring before washing your hands or doing dishes.