Wedding Bands

Characteristics of Wedding Bands

For centuries, rings of precious metals and diamonds or gemstones have been worn to symbolize an eternal commitment to love. Most wedding bands are characterized by a minimally detailed ring of gold, sterling silver, or platinum. However, many reputable designers create more elaborate wedding bands for those who prefer to make a statement with their bridal jewelry. At Heller Jewelers, we offer a myriad of styles from minimalistic to eccentric. If you plan to wear your engagement ring and wedding band together in a stack, select a piece that compliments the design and style of your engagement ring.

Popular Wedding Band Designers

It is our distinct honor at Heller Jewelers to carry a number of wedding band collections from some of the world’s most reputable designers. Our selection of bands from Verragio is characterized by intricate details, mixed metals, and supreme craftsmanship. Their tagline is “unlike any other ring,” which is apt considering their distinctly ornate style. Romantic details give these rings an heirloom-quality aesthetic for anyone looking for a statement-making band. We are also proud to offer our customers handcrafted wedding bands from Gabriel & Co., whose collections are crafted from top-grade metals and certified diamonds.

Wedding bands from Benchmark are made using only recycled metals, reducing the company’s footprint on the environment by minimizing emissions and contaminants. Wedding band styles from this designer include sculpted pieces with beveled edges, diamond inlaid bands, and mixed metal pieces. Metals utilized by this brand include recycled platinum, palladium, and gold. Tantalum, Forge, and Ammara Stone are alternative lines of wedding bands by Benchmark, each communicating a different style and aesthetic. Tantalum has mesmerizing patterns imbued in the band, while rings in the Forge collection have a more robust aesthetic. Meanwhile, Ammara Stone walks the line between the two.

Shop Wedding Bands at Heller Jewelers

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