Cartier groomsmen gifts: Santos De Cartier, Tortue, Tank Solo & more

February 1st, 2019

With so many different men with different personalities and unique styles, it can be challenging to pick the perfect gift to help commemorate and thank them for their participation in your wedding.

Enter the watch - the perfect groomsmen gift. A luxury timepiece is always a fantastic choice as a commemorative gift to your groomsmen, as it is something that they will definitely wear again, regardless of their sense of style or lifestyle. It?s useful, functional, and highly wearable, a piece that they can wear day in and day out while remembering your time together at your wedding fondly. And when it comes to luxury watches, nothing beats a Cartier timepiece. From the stylish Santos de Cartier to the bold Ballon Bleu de Cartier, there?s a bold yet timeless style to suit any wedding.

Ready to find the perfect Cartier timepiece to gift to your groomsmen? Here are six of our favorite styles for your consideration.


The ultimate in design and innovation, the Santos de Cartier is the perfect timeless style to suit any modern man. This unique timepiece was first conceived in 1904 as a way for aviators to tell time while flying. Since then, it has become a favorite of men around the world due to its beautiful geometric dial, flawlessly curved horns, and signature exposed screws. The Santos de Cartier is the perfect timepiece for the groom who wants a style that their groomsmen will be delighted to wear again and again.


The perfect tribute to timeless watchmaking and modern design, the eye-catching Calibre de Cartier combines contemporary innovation with sophisticated style. This bold collection reinterprets the classic rounded watch style adding unique design elements and sporty masculinity to each and every timepiece. The Calibre de Cartier is ideal for the groom who is looking for a dynamic and stylish groomsmen gift that will work for any occasion, whether casual or formal.


First imagined in 1914, the Tortue is inspired by the unique shape of a tortoise, with a groundbreaking oblong design that blew the standard circular shapes of everyday watches out of the water. This instant classic has since become a favorite subtle statement-making piece of men around the world thanks to its striking style and elegant aesthetic. The Tortue is the perfect watch for the groom who wants a unique piece to gift to their groomsmen that will make a memorable statement.


A contemporary tribute to one of Cartier?s most popular styles, the Tank Solo has been a classic since it?s first inception. Designed with subtle differences from the original model, this sleek timepiece will instantly elevate any outfit. The Tank Solo watch is ideal for the groom who is looking for something that is modern yet timeless, easy to pair with anything, and will stay in style for many years to come.


One of the newest additions to the Cartier lineup, the Drive de Cartier is the embodiment of modern elegance. First concepted in 2016, this striking timepiece combines a unique curved case with a gorgeous dome crystal and sapphire dial for a stunning appearance. Like the Santos de Cartier, this contemporary timepiece is perfect for the groom who is on the hunt for a gift that their groomsmen will actually want to wear again after the wedding.


Last, but certainly not least on our list of Cartier watch styles to consider is the Ballon Bleu de Cartier. A timeless favorite of stylish men around the world, this style was inspired by the airy and carefree feel of a balloon while still retaining a sense of elevated elegance and unmatched style. Designed with a sculptural case and a polished bracelet, this stunning timepiece is perfect for the man who is looking for something unexpectedly stylish and sophisticated to gift to his groomsmen.

If you?re still not certain which Cartier watch style is best-suited for your groomsmen, you can always Book an Appointment to come in-store and browse all available styles with one of our experienced staff members. They?ll be able to help you find exactly what you need and discuss other options and questions that you may have!