Heller Couples - Kat & Jesse

March 4th, 2024

Kat and Jesse were feeling lost in the sea of San Francisco jewelers. A serendipitous introduction led them to travel across the Bay to try one last store, Heller Jewelers. After meeting with Markus to discuss a custom ring design, an immense sense of relief overwhelmed them – they finally found the RIGHT jeweler.  

“Walking into Heller, there was an immediate sense of being in good hands,” said Kat.   

Kat and Jesse weren’t looking to buy off the shelf. They were looking for something unique and with a bit of character.  

“They helped us find a stone that spoke to us, something that wasn’t just off the shelf,” said Kat.  

With Kat and Jesse’s direction, we were able to design not only a one-of-a-kind engagement ring but a custom wedding band as well, creating the perfect wedding set just for them.   

Kat and Jesse met at summer camp in Maine when they were just 13 years old. They remained friends throughout high school, often running into each other at various parties, but eventually lost touch when they both left for college. But the pandemic was the perfect excuse to reconnect!   

“We started talking, ended up meeting, and then decided to keep adventuring together! We traveled around the West in his camper van for a month in 2021 and have been inseparable ever since”.   

Atop Berkeley’s Panoramic Hill, with the city stretching out beneath them at sunset, Jesse popped the question. This place bridged where they’d been and where they were going - right beside the camper van that marked the start of their journey together.   

“Ever the master of surprise, Jesse turned what I thought was a cooking class into the perfect proposal scene, complete with a miniature Le Creuset pot cleverly disguising the ring. I was utterly blown away,” said Kat.