Heller Couples - Molly & Eric

April 29th, 2024

Molly and Eric came to Heller Jewelers to create a custom engagement ring... or two. 

Molly was searching for a way to get everything she wanted. They wanted to honor her grandmother's ring AND create something together.  

“The folks at Heller Jewelers helped me find the best solution to the happiest problem - how do I get everything I want while ensuring my partner and I start our lives together the right way?” says Molly. 

Molly was gifted her grandmother’s engagement ring, which they had reset in a white gold solitaire setting and together, they picked out an oval eternity band from Heller Jewelers.  

Eric proposed with both rings and Molly will wear the rings interchangeably. They will both add bands to their collection after the wedding. 

“I never thought I would have two meaningful, one-of-a-kind engagement rings. They found the most creative way to make all my dreams come true.” 

Eric and Molly met the old-fashioned way, on Tinder. After four years of dating, moving in together and adopting their dog Walter, they decided to get engaged. 

Eric proposed at home Thanksgiving weekend. “Getting engaged right before the holidays made them feel extra special this year, we took our time telling our closest friends and family. We then spent a weekend at The Claremont, celebrating our engagement!”