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Characteristics of Diamond Rings

Diamonds last forever. Mined from beneath the earth’s surface, these jewels are harder than any other natural substance. When used in an engagement ring, they represent a lifelong commitment to marriage and the strength of a bond. This makes them perfect for bridal jewelry. As one of the most common yet important forays into jewelry, designers have been crafting unique diamond rings for many years. Their creativity and innovation allow a great variety of elegant styles. From the minimalist silhouette to the glamorous halo, there are more than a few ways to express love and commitment.

Popular Collections of Diamond Rings

Verragio is one of today’s most interesting and widely celebrated designer brands. All of their diamond rings are intricate and feature exquisite metal work that cannot be found elsewhere. Their Insignia collection exhibits a flurry of rose and white gold, with bands of both precious metals interweaving in the split shank style. For a more understated look, the Renaissance collection is perfect. While these pieces are less ornate than some of their peers, they still sport Verragio’s marvelously complex bands. Hearts On Fire is beloved for their uniquely brilliant diamonds whose proprietary cut lets them be brighter than any other with incredible designs for rings.

While we offer a myriad of fantastic designers, our in-house Heller Jewelers Collection is truly among the best. We provide diamond rings that suit every taste, exhibiting all sorts of marvelous styles. Some feature radiant pave settings, while others showcase dazzling halos or colorful gemstone accents. Gabriel & Co. is another fine brand, well-known for impactful and eccentric designs. Many of their diamond engagement rings have unusual details like sophisticated sapphires, marvelously curved silhouettes, and fanciful floral metalwork. These pieces are ideal for any bride seeking to express themselves with a bold design.

Shop Diamond Rings at Heller Jewelers

For luxury and romance in San Ramon, head to Heller Jewelers. Our selection of today’s most popular designer brands is unrivaled as it features unforgettable collections of beautiful baubles. To show them off properly, we only employ the most friendly, knowledgeable people in the area. You can even reserve an appointment with one of our team for a personalized shopping experience. In case you want a diamond ring of your own, we also offer custom design services to ensure you get the ring of your dreams. Give us a call at (925) 904-0200 or email us at [email protected] to learn more.