Unique Ways to Give Jewelry

September 20th, 2022

For thousands of years, fine jewelry has been a status symbol. Worn by everyone from ancient queens to modern celebrities, a precious metal accessory commands attention from every onlooker. Such a luxurious gift deserves a magnificent presentation. Learn how to do it right with Heller Jewelers.

Hunt for Ruby October

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. Sure, you probably haven?t done one in a while, but they?re always an exceptional adventure. Incorporate a scavenger hunt into the gift-giving for a unique thrill. Devise a list of clues that reflect your relationship. Where did you first meet? That?s a great place to stop. Where was your first meal together? Another exceptional place to pick up a clue.

Consider waiting at the end of the hunt, jewelry in hand. Note that it?s essential to make the clues easy to solve unless the recipient is particularly good at puzzles. If the hunt is complex and time-consuming, think about leaving a snack cache somewhere on the way to ensure they?re fed and quenched.

Feast on Fashion

Sharing meals is an essential part of being human. Food is the stuff of life and how we cook it reflects our culture and values. Thus, when we make a meal, giving some of it to someone is highly symbolic. That makes it perfect for gift-giving. Cook them their favorite dish or one with sentimental value. Eat lasagna the first time you met? Make them a lasagna. After the meal, present them with a fine jewelry dessert.

If you?re a terrible cook, go to a restaurant. Collude with the server to plate a gift. Not only is it surprising, but it?s unforgettable. Just make sure to leave the staff a sizable tip for their help.

Puzzle Box It

Puzzle boxes are fascinating contraptions wherein one must solve a complex puzzle in order to open them. There are a myriad of puzzle boxes available, ranging from intricate and difficult to simple and easy. Make sure you pick one that best relates to their skill level. After solving the puzzle, the box reveals a small compartment where a glamorous jewelry present can hide.

Be aware that some pieces made by hobbyists and artists can be expensive. However, unlike most packaging, these works of art look great on a shelf.

Night at the Museum

Museums or art galleries are excellent places to give jewelry. There, surrounded by beautiful artwork, you can give them fine jewelry that matches the scenery.

How you incorporate the gift-giving is up to you. For example, you can give them a piece that complements the exhibit, like a star motif in a cosmos-themed collection.

Give Exquisite Jewelry from Heller Jewelers

Heller Jewelers is San Ramon?s premier source for high-fashion jewelry and timepieces. We house a number of today?s most popular designer brands, each carefully chosen because they cater to our community?s discerning tastes.

Our team of expert gemologists and goldsmiths work together to ensure that every customer leaves having all of their dreams come true. Want something truly unique? Design your own jewelry with help from our team. Call us at (925) 904-0200 to learn more about everything we can do for you and your loved one.